Cured ham “Gran Duca” is obtained with carefully selected and expertly manufactured thighs. Hams are manufactured thanks to the skills acquired throughout 60 years of experience. The result is a cured ham with a tempting and delicate taste, appreciated all over the world by our customers. Available first of all with bone, to be sliced by experts. Thanks to our deboning department, we guarantee safety and care in every processing phase.The cured ham “Gran Duca” is offered in many varieties to meet every need. Before deboning, every ham is washed to remove the greasing paste “sugna” in order to be ready for manufacturing. The client can choose between different types of trimming: simply washed or very well cleaned. In this last one, the ham is knife- trimmed and the fat is already removed.
Cured ham “Gran Duca” is available also in the varieties “buoni e pratici”.