PDO Parma Ham: our Land

Aromas and flavours of the Emilian Food Valley

Fontana Ermes S.p.A was born in the Baganza valley, in the heart of the Emilian Food Valley, surrounded by nature, at the bottom of the delicate slopes of the Parma Apennines. The factory is located in such a way to receive the scents of nature coming from the woods and the sea, giving its cured meats their unmistakable aroma.
The celebrated PDO Parma Ham “Regina” is the result of the union between land, craftsmanship, natural curing and a careful selection of raw materials, which, all together, create a unique taste experience.

Embracing our land

The tradition of slaughtering, processing and curing of pork in the hills of the province of Parma is very old; it dates back to the ancient Romans over 2000 years ago. Even then, they understood that there was something very peculiar and unique in this area: pork meat cured in this area became sweeter and tastier, and especially hams aroused the admiration of all Roman provinces.
The secret is in the air, this area opens to the Po Valley and is protected by the Apennines, which guarantees the constant and delicate alternation of the seasons, always mild due to the proximity to the sea. The meat cured in these areas collects the aromas of the sea breeze that, passing through the mountains, is enriched with the flavours of the forest. A unique and unrepeatable situation that has brought to a continuous improvement in the ability of the “masen” (the expert pigs’ butchers) and of the “curing/salt masters” who have continued to process meat with more and more expertise expanding the good name of Parmesan charcuterie through the centuries.

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