PDO Parma Ham supply chain

Traced production phases: safety and quality

The PDO Parma Ham arriving to every table all over the world is the final product of a rigorous and documented production and commercial chain. In the Fontana production plant, all phases are ensured, from the arrival of the meat to the ham ready to be marketed, whole or sliced. Each production phase is rigorously traced.

Breeding farms

The only pigs that can be used for the production of PDO Parma ham are pigs that were born and bred in certified breeding farms in Central and Northern Italy. The traceability of the supply chain starts from here, with the data that identify the breeding farm and the month of birth, then complemented with those of each subsequent production phase.

The production area

PDO Parma Ham is produced only within precise boundaries: 5 kilometres south of the Via Emilia, within the Enza river and the Stirone river, up to 900 meters above sea level. Every factory authorized for production is strictly identified and controlled.

Processing in the Fontana production plant

Since the arrival of meat, hygiene and controls are established by specific regulations. There is no contact with external environments, hygiene is scrupulous and every thigh is controlled from the beginning to the end of processing. Origins, breeders, slaughterhouses, processing: everything is traced and documented. Each Parma Ham is fire¬-branded with the supply chain’s coordinates, from the month and the year in which the curing process began, to the definitive seal: the five-pointed crown with the inscription “Parma” fire branded together with the initials of the certified plant. Ours are T24, a small code that means a lot: work, passion, belonging, quality and safety of a good and healthy product, just as it should be.