Production of Hams and Charcuterie according to Tradition

Fontana Ermes products

A few necessary natural ingredients, cleverly blended between each other, that were used since the ancient Rome for food preservation; the pure air of the valley; time: these are the elements that allowed to distinguish unmistakably the unique characteristics of the Ham “with the Ribbon” of Fontana Ermes S.p.A. The company, located in Sala Baganza, in the Italian Food Valley, specialized in the production of typical specialities of the Parmesan gastronomy. Between them, PDO Parma Ham, Cured Ham, PGI Coppa of Parma, rolled Bacon, PGI Felino Salami and cured Culatello. Moreover, Fontana Ermes also produces the best Italian traditional Charcuterie.

A complete range of Charcuterie with a production cycle all within the factory

Thanks to the most modern processing and production technologies, it is possible to have a complete range of products either as a whole, with bone or deboned, in cuts or pre-sliced. Fontana Ermes S.p.A is one of the few companies in the sector with a complete internal production cycle; the packaging department is authorized by the Consortium Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma to slice PDO Parma Ham, and is strictly controlled by CSQA.

Production Departments

Over the decades, the Fontana family has chosen to continue its business in only one plant for all products and for each processing stage. This allows a direct control of production in order to offer our clients the best guarantees with regards to: Product Quality, Food Safety, Easy Auditing.


Salting is an essential procedure for the correct curing of Prosciutto. The slow absorption of salt and the two salting stages carried out by capable hands give Prosciutto its traditional sweetness.


Opening the typical high and narrow windows of the factory, the wind gently blows on the hams, enriching their harmonious flavor. The enthalpy curing technology favors the best use of the natural parameters of the ambient air.


The presence of an inside deboning room with cleanroom ensures our clients that this important stage is carried out by qualified personnel under direct control of production managers.


The four clean rooms with 9 slicing lines make Fontana Ermes S.p.A one of the companies producing more pre-sliced PDO Parma Ham and Italian Charcuterie. Advanced technologies ensure the highest hygiene and safety.


In the newly built department, Salami, Coppa, Pancettas, Loins, Bresaolas and Specks are produced according to ancient recipes refined over the years, with the support of the most modern technologies.

Cooked hams and Mortadellas

The great skills acquired in the knowledge of meat processing techniques, are now applied and implemented in the production of Cooked Ham, Mortadella, Porchetta, Turkey topside.