Pre-sliced charcuterie

As if they had just been sliced

More than 500 possibilities, 20 different packagings: they meet every need, both in terms of large retailers and specialized gastronomy. They are practical, comfortable, tasty. Our charcuterie, sliced in a protective atmosphere, guarantees quality and freshness, thanks to the precise manufacturing of every one of our nine slicing lines.

Pre- sliced Fontana Ermes charcuterie includes a big range of products and solutions. Wavy or shingled slices, fresh and tasty as if they had just been sliced. Moreover, we offer packagings perfect to use in the kitchen and others perfect for a snack. We offer cubed sliced product, our Rotolini tapas line, toppings, etc. And every possible combination of charcuterie and cheeses. You only have to ask!!

High Quality Line